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We are a team of dedicated gamers who have turned our passion for immersive storytelling and innovative gameplay into a craft, embarking on a journey to develop an unforgettable RPG experience.

Our mission is simple

To create games that fans of RPG titles would love to play. In Tricoman Studios, every line of code and pixel art is infused with our love for gaming, and we believe in building experiences that are not just played but lived. Join us on this journey, and let’s create the games we’ve always wanted to play.

Origins of Ozgalor: Godforged Franchise

Step into the mystical realm of Ozgalor with our debut title, Origins of Ozgalor, the first chapter in the Godforged franchise. This premium, single-player, isometric ARPG offers a richly narrative-driven adventure set in a medieval fantasy world. Experience a carefully crafted story where every decision shapes your journey, and every battle brings you closer to your destiny.

Ready to forge your path through legends? Discover more about the land of Ozgalor and join the adventure that awaits.

News and updates

Keep up with the Tricomans. Here’s the latest from us, including updates and announcements.


Meet us at Gamescom 2024

We are excited to reveal the vertical slice of our debut title, Origins of Ozgalore, for the first time in public.


SGA Welcomes its newest member

We are proud to announce that Tricoman Studios is now a member of the Serbian Game Association (SGA).


Supported by Raising Starts Accelerator

We are excited to announce that Tricoman Studios has been selected as one of the four gaming studios to join the prestigious Raising Starts accelerator program.


Built up from games

United by a shared passion for gaming and storytelling, our team brings together diverse expertise to craft experiences that captivate and inspire. Each founder brings a unique set of skills and personal passions to the studio, ensuring our games are nothing short of extraordinary.

Borislav Vesnic

CEO & Business Director

With a keen ear for immersive soundscapes and a talent for voice acting, Borislav steers our studio with an exceptional blend of leadership and artistic vision. His passion for audio excellence ensures that every game resonates with the compelling depth and authenticity that gamers seek.

Luka Budimir

CPO & Creative Production Director

As a master game designer and a 3D generalist, Luka shapes the visual and interactive elements of our fantasy worlds. His obsession with Lego not only reflects his intricate approach to game mechanics but also his ability to construct complex, engaging environments from the ground up.

Marko Ristic

CCO & Story/Franchise Director

A true fantasy aficionado, Marko guides our narrative development with a profound understanding of storytelling. His expertise ensures that the lore and history of our games are both rich and enchanting, offering players deep, narrative-driven journeys into the fantastic.

Luka Filipovic

CTO & Director of Technology

Luka combines his fervor for competitive gaming with his expertise in cutting-edge technology to lead our technical operations. An avid sports enthusiast, he brings the same team spirit and competitive drive for excellence to our studio, pushing the boundaries of what our games can achieve.